T + 43 (0)2236 - 86 45 15
F + 43 (0)2236 - 86 45 15 20


Bottom part made of plastic and filled with gel to cool to -18 °C for about 4 hours


Dimensions (LxWxH): 32,7x13,6x4 cm

Type: RH-53509


Suitable for rectangular, square or round bowl as well as for prepackaged products such as yoghurts, butter etc.


Appropriate for passive and aktive systems, directly on the tray!

Dishwasher-save and made of food-grade materials



lmhv-p Kühlpallet für das Kalthalten von Speisen
lmhv-p Kühlpallet für das Kalthalten von Speisen

image von lmhv-p mit salat
Praxisbild des LMHVP




The cooling core filled with gel is

also available in round shape

The bottom part fits with 23-26 plates and all sorts of deep soup bowls

Cooling up to 6 hours

Type: RH-53508

Suitable with: Therm Kompakt

Suitable with: Therm-Sure