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Service for the guest

Tray system- passive

Our solutions are easy to handle and solid. Tasteless, double-walled, isolated and dishwasher-proof. Our systems are made for carry complete meals whether Brakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

The tray systems utilize the thermal-zone principle and have separate compartments for the various meal components.

Tray system - aktive

Whether Cook-Serve, Cook-Hold, Cook-Chill/Sous-Vide or Cook-Freeze: With the appropriate item, you’ll be able to regenerate - or chill - meals without compromising their appearance, consistency or taste.

Ladling system - Large containers

We support you to prepare your meals directly at the guest. Our meal systems are ready for Cook & Serve, Cook & Hold, Cook & Chill, Sous-Vide or Cook & Freeze.

Ice-Cream-Trolley "BELLA"

Ice-Cream-Trolley "BELLA" mobil, kompakte Bauweise, Design

Insulated crockery

We supply suitable vessels for soups and drinks.  Our products have outer and inner walls separated by an insulating layer of polyurethane foam.

System crockery

Our dishes are made to meet the highest standards espacialy in hospitals, care facilities and retirement homes.

Eating and drinking aids

Our tableware is exceptionally quiet, extremely light, ultra-sturdy, eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe and pleasant to the touch.

Glasses and Jugs

Take a look at our wide range of high quality glasses and jugs. 



Coffee and Tea decentralised

We ensure high quality of Coffee and Tea even if you need huge amounds of it.  

Products for Seminars and Workshops

Please find our  "Coffee.to.go" Buffet-System for your own needs.
The optional wheel dirve helps you to successfully get over large distances ...

Meals on wheels

Lightweight, compact and thermic isolated.  We supply systems which have decades of experience.