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Insulated containers


The „blu’box“ ist the reason of extensive knowledge in the field of plastics technology with years of experience around the hygienic requirements of commercial kitchens, canteens, hospitals and caterers. It is the pioneering series of thermally insulating containers for professional food transport.


With the numerously awarded patented line of blu'box13, blu'box26 and blu'box52, the end user is granted access to three different transport container sizes. The clever modular principle further enhanced variability, because it:


- allows the use as an active or passive system,

 - allows cool and hot transport,

 - guarantees proper transport of both food and drinks,

 - permits assembly according to either gastro- or Euro norm,

 - can be used as standard or Eco-design.


Of course the manufacturer has also thought of everything when it comes to handling. Whether convection heating, cold packs, heated plate, beverage containers, stack locking and much more – all components of the modular system are just as easy to replace as wearing parts.


The material is bacteria resistant, soap suds stable and easy to clean in a commercial dishwasher. The particularly robust material is also considered to be extremely resistant to impacts and other mechanical influences, and ensures that potential nesting sites for germs and bacteria can not develop.


It is this versatility that makes blu'box the innovative series among leading systems in terms of food transport.

Made in Germany

Enquiry: info@speisenverteilung.info

"Blancotherm" 13 / 26 / 52 Liter - Produktlösungen



"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement
"Blancotherm" Arrangement


Additional items for our blu'box series:

blu'mobil easy roll

Trolley for transporting blu'boxes.

 -2 Castors (1 with brake)

 -2 fixed castors

 - rigid handle

 - bumper in blue

 - Max. load capacity 180 kg (stacking up to 3 loaded blu'boxes of the 52 series possible)

blu’box cool-accu

blu’box cool-accu for use in the blu’box 26 series and blu'box 52 series.

 - Cooling food and beverages in a blu'box 26

    by inserting and securing the cool-accus in

    the high lid

 - Cooling food in a blu'box 52 by inserting the

    cool-accus in the blu'box 52

 - Dimensions: GN 1/1

 - Weight: 2.4 kg lid; cool-accu 1.6 kg

stack locking

Stack lock for the blu'box 52 series for easily detachable solid connection and for economic, easy and safe transportation.

 - Material: PA 6 (polyamide)

smart’box e.g. 26 litre

For all commercial kitchens, canteens, hospitals and caterers who look for a minimized effort in food transport, we offer a series of a special kind: the blu'box SMART Edition. They will provide you with the best proven quality at reduced investment costs. These exclusively passive systems - such as the blu'box series - are available in three transport sizes: blu'box SMART13, blu'box SMART26 and blu'box SMART52. All products are up to 90 C temperature resistant, some are available as standard or Eco-version, have a pure orange color and feature a patented handle and locking system for safe transport. The plastic used to inhibit bacteria, is stable to washing solutions and can be easily cleaned in a conventional commercial kitchen dishwasher. To ensure that no loopholes for germs and bacteria occur, the material is very robust against shocks and other mechanical damage.


Beverage transport container "drink'therm"


The new and innovative beverage container from blu'therm liquid impresses by its design and its compact build. The container has numerous features.

 - Antimicrobial materials through the use of silver ions

 - Absolutely tight connection between the outlet head and


 - Temperature range from -20 C to +100 C

 - Available with or without drip tray

 - High quality and impact-proof drain tap with bayonet lock

 - Inserted and easy to be removed seal

 - Stackable on all blu'box articles

 - Possibility of placing a cooling element in the cover

"drink'therm" 10 liquid

Fill content: 10 l

without drip tray :

L/W/H (mm): 360 x 250 x 382 mm
Weight: 3,4 kg

with drip tray:

L/W/H (mm): 360 x 250 x 482 mm
Weight: 4,5 kg

"drink'therm" 20 liquid

Fill content: 20 l

without drip tray:

L/W/H (mm): 360 x 255 x 603 mm
Weight: 6,04 kg


with drip tray:

L/W/H (mm): 360 x 255 x 713 mm
Weight: 6,8 kg

 "drink'therm" 40 liquid

Fill content: 40 l

without drip tray:

L/W/H (mm): 410 x 397 x 611 mm
Weight: 7,8 kg

Made in Germany